Why Shopping Cart Advertising Works!


The right people (your target audience) see your ad often enough for it to absorbed into their consciousness in a lasting way….or more simply put: EXPOSURE + REPETITION + TARGETING = INCREASED MARKETSHARE. There is no mystery as to the process of effective advertising. The only question lies in finding the system that can deliver on all three criteria in a cost effective way.


Our media delivers on all three criteria with a higher degree of cost efficiency than anything else you can use.

3. How?

We can GUARANTEE your ad will be seen since all of your customers have one thing in common….they eat! They therefore MUST visit the grocery store and our Cart program, our Info Center program, and our Bench program are all placed in the most visible places in the supermarket. (EXPOSURE)

We can GUARANTEE that your message is going to be seen a lot as the average person visits the supermarket 2-3 times per week for an average of 45-60 minutes per visit….and the average supermarket sees tens of thousands of shoppers per week! (REPETITION)

We can GUARANTEE to target the audience that you most want/need to reach because YOU get to pick the store where all of your customers, potential or otherwise, do their shopping. (TARGETING)


Shopping Cart Ad Location

Ads are located on either the baby seat portion of the cart or the nose of the cart. This is ad placement that you cannot ignore.

  • Exposure +
  • Repetition +
  • Targeting
  • = Increased Business!


Shopping Cart Advertising Value

Shopping Cart Advertising provides continuous advertising throughout a shoppers trip, and unbeatable exposure to a captive audience.

In fact, more people spend more time more often in supermarkets than anywhere else in the community and the shopping cart is the first thing a consumer grabs when they walk into the store and the last thing they drop off as they leave.

Consequently, Shopping Cart Advertising offers more exposure to your target audience more often and for a greater length of time than literally any other advertising media, and for substantially less money than any other advertising media....guaranteed!


Shopping Cart Advertising Guarantees

Your Ad WILL be seen!
Shoppers don't have a choice. Shopping Cart Advertising does not have to be picked up, and can’t be thrown away. Further, you can't turn the page and you can't change the channel so each shopper is figuratively handcuffed to an ad that has been designed by our professional graphic design team.

Your Ad will be seen a lot!
The average shopper visits the market 2-3 times per week and will spend an average of 45-60 minutes per visit. Additionally, the average supermarket sees 10's of thousands of customers per week!

Your Ad will target the right people!
Whether you have a demographic or geographic target criteria for potential customers, shopping cart ads can't miss since you get to pick the store!

Shopping Cart Advertising Locations

View the markets and locations of our shopping cart advertising. Shopping Cart Advertising Locations


All State Shopping Cart Advertising

"I have had more comments from customers and potential customers about seeing this ad than anything I have ever done in advertising…."

Insurance, Allstate, Marie Gary, Montana